JUDr. Petra Zaoralová, Ph.D.

in criminal
and other fields
of law

About me

I am an attorney-at-law with many years of experience gained with leading Czech and international law firms. I offer highly qualified legal services to Czech and foreign clients. I have unique experience in the field of criminal law, especially in the field of defence of individuals and legal entities as well as representation of aggrieved parties, including corporate criminal liability and criminal compliance. Prior to establishing my own law firm, I spent more than four years in a renowned law firm which specialises in criminal law handling criminal law cases for the largest Czech law firm.

I graduated from the Faculty of Law at Charles University, later working in academia, where I also passed the rigorous and doctoral examination in criminal law. Over the course of my academic career, I have been involved in teaching and scientific activities, I have given presentations at many professional conferences and I am the author of many professional publications. I help clients resolve complex legal issues in the Czech Republic. 

ZAORALOVÁ LEGAL specialises in criminal law. We also provide legal advice to our clients in the fields of litigation, civil and commercial law. We enjoy exclusive cooperation with CERHA HEMPEL Kališ & Partners , a leading law firm with global reach. 


I can help you in criminal proceedings in the defence of individuals and legal entities, as well as with representation of aggrieved parties. I can provide criminal protection to a business through criminal compliance programs. In the fields of civil, commercial law and litigation, I offer comprehensive legal assistance to business corporations and individuals. We will of course handle your case sensitively and professionally. I pride myself on my professional and human approach. I help people solve their legal problems and defend their rights.

I am here for you.


Criminal law

  • People accused or suspected of criminal offences
    • Defence of individuals and legal entities
    • Legal assistance in criminal proceedings
  • Aggrieved parties
    • Representation of aggrieved parties
    • Filing and enforcement of claims for damages
    • Legal assistance in criminal proceedings
  • Commercial companies
    • Criminal compliance programmes
    • Internal investigation
    • Defence of legal entities
    • Representation of aggrieved legal entities, claiming and enforcing entitlement to damages
  • Criminal complaints
    • Legal assistance in drafting a criminal complaint
    • Representation in criminal proceedings
  • Legal memoranda and opinions
  • White collar crimes
  • Tax frauds

Civil law

  • Contracts
    • Gift contract
    • Purchase contract
    • Lease contract
    • Loan agreement
  • Real estate
  • Employment law (including whistleblowing and internal investigations)
  • Constitutional complaint


  • Proposal of options for dispute resolution
  • Notice before legal action
  • Representation in court proceedings
  • Appeal against a court ruling
  • Extraordinary appeal
  • Constitutional complaint

Commercial law

  • Foundation of a company
  • Start-ups
  • Opinions and proposals for resolution of legal problems
  • Drawing up documents
  • General meetings and corporate changes in companies

price list

  • The fee for provision of legal services is determined on the basis of individual agreement with the client; this is always specified during the initial consultation, depending in particular on the factual and legal complexity of the case.
  • At the beginning of our cooperation, the client always receives an estimate of the time and financial intensity of the services provided and is kept informed of these facts throughout the course of cooperation.
  • VAT is added to the fee for provision of legal services.


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